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I like period drama because everyone is so restrained, but they have all these emotions raging underneath. 





You know why we see Dean sleep on his stomach most of the time?

Because he doesn’t want to wake up

and see someone he loves on the ceiling





#So does this mean #That Dean’s parenting skills were cute enough to reach even #Soulless Sam?

Sam + Winchester Logic


The Ice Bucket Challenge…

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I’d rather spend an eternity in Hell with you than a day in Heaven without you.

Season 10 - Twisted AU in which Dean acts like a true demon. The normal demon cure does not work, and there is no cure for the Mark. This new Demon!Dean is permanent. When Castiel’s stolen grace burns out, he becomes human again with a soul. Knowing that he will eventually die and never see Dean again, he sells his soul to be with Dean in Hell, because he can’t imagine a life in Heaven without him.

Eventually Castiel’s soul breaks and he becomes a Knight of Hell under Dean. They rule Hell together and wreak havoc on the people they once worked so hard to protect.


Rejoice Bex Taylor Klaus fans! Our girl just got cast as one of the main characters on MTV’s Scream the series.

Here’s the original quote.

"The "Scream" television series over at MTV just recast one of its main characters. The Hollywood Reporter says Bex Taylor-Klaus is taking over for Amy…

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Celebrating 75 years of Batman, the world’s greatest detective (sorry Sherlock Holmes)

Pic 1 [x]

Pic 2 [X]

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TV Guide Comic Con 2014 Covers - DC Comics Edition

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Well fuck it! They should just make Felicity The Canary then!
my friend’s angry text message about ‘useless!Laurel’ in Arrow season 2 finale. 
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Happy Birthday Stephen Amell!

Happy Birthday Stephen Amell!

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